Capitol Ideas Podcast: Rep. Alex Ramel

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Healthy homes and clean buildings. Who could argue with that? Not Rep. Alex Ramel, who’s sponsoring the Healthy Homes and Clean Buildings Act this session. Find out what it’s all about in today’s Capitol Ideas.

Rep. Alex Ramel introduced the Healthy Homes and Clean Buildings Act this session to put Washington on track to meet its carbon goals by mid-century. It’s a key piece in a package of legislation designed to turn the tide on climate change and reduce the staggering quantities of carbon belched out into Washington skies by countless thousands of buildings using natural gas, mostly for heating that could be done almost carbon-free by electricity. We’re kicking off the 2021 season of Capitol Ideas by letting Ramel, a Democratic lawmaker from the 40th legislative district, tell us how the HHCB Act works, and why it needs to. To listen, just click on the big green Capitol Ideas logo.