Reps. Riccelli, Volz respond to today’s court ruling in favor of Responsible Representation Act

State Reps. Marcus Riccelli (D-Spokane) and Mike Volz (R-Spokane) released the following statements regarding today’s ruling by Spokane County Superior Court in favor of the Responsible Representation Act (SHB 2887), which passed the legislature in 2018 on a strongly bipartisan basis:

“I’m pleased with Judge Moreno’s ruling upholding the legislature’s bipartisan work to bring representation closer to the people. This is an opportunity for a growing county like Spokane to ensure citizens have a more direct voice in their government.” – Rep. Marcus Riccelli, sponsor of SHB 2887

“When I co-sponsored SHB 2887, I did so with the inevitable passage of the Washington Voting Rights Act in mind. In fact, Judge Moreno specifically noted the Voting Rights Act in her decision. It was our intent to prevent the court from determining district boundaries similar to what happened in Yakima, and thereby save the county from spending millions of dollars in hefty legal fees.” – Rep. Mike Volz, co-sponsor of SHB 2887