The 2020 legislative session begins

I am back in Olympia for the 2020 legislative session, representing Spokane’s 3rd Legislative District in the State House. It’s a quick, 60-day session with a lot of new ideas and work to do. As always, health care is a top priority of mine. Read on to hear about just a few of the bills I have introduced this session.

Medicare Dental Coverage – This session I was proud to introduce House Joint Memorial 4014 which urges Congress to include dental care with all Medicare. Oral health is just as integral to our well being as the other services provided in Medicare. Medicare recipients deserve to have access to the care they need without having to resort to a private option. If passed, I hope Congress will take action and rectify the current situation.

Oral Health – In further recognition of oral health as an integral part of overall medical care, I introduced HB 2377. While there are some programs to address oral care in Washington state, there is still accessibility issues and overall disparity that are leading to many not having dental care they need. The system lacks an organized structure to prioritize dental health care. HB 2377 would rectify that by creating a statewide Dental Director to coordinate and lead the effort to improve our state’s dental care structure.

Health as a transportation goal – As part of my healthcare goals this session I have introduced HB 2461. This bill adds the health of those living in Washington as a statewide transportation goal. It is increasingly difficult to maintain regular physical activity in our daily lives. Active transportation lowers the risk of negative health effects and air pollution, helping people save money on medical costs and improving the environment. It is necessary for these things to be considered as we grow our transportation system.

Representative Riccelli speaking to health care providers and patients

Celebrating a milestone in Spokane’s Central City Line

Tuesday marked a milestone in the development of Spokane’s highly anticipated Central City Line. I celebrated with folks back home in Spokane via video. You can watch the highlight video produced by the Spokane Transit Authority that features my remarks by clicking below.



Meet my staff: Faith Flaherty

The Washington State Legislative Internship Program is a great way to get involved in your state government while attending college. That’s how I met Faith Flaherty. Faith is interning in my office this session and is an Eastern Washington University student, majoring in Political Science. She is interested in education and healthcare accessibility. Faith is a welcome addition to the team for the 2020 legislative session.

Learn more about the Washington State Legislative Internship Program, click here.

Save the date: Telephone Town Hall

Join Senator Billig, Representative Ormsby, and me for a telephone town hall on Tuesday, January 28 at 6pm. We look forward to answering your questions and connecting with folks personally.

To participate, sign up or listen online here:

It’s an honor to serve you. Please reach out with any questions, feedback, or concerns by sending an email to me or call me at 360-786-7888.

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