Statement from Representative Marcus Riccelli on HB 1806 Extending collective bargaining rights to employees of the legislative branch of state government not moving forward before House of Origin Cutoff

“I care deeply for our legislature as an institution, and as a former State Senate and U.S. Senate staffer, I recognize the dedication and commitment of our staff. These professionals work every day to make things happen– not only for us as elected officials, but for the greater good of the people of Washington.

“For many decades, the State Legislature has diligently expanded the right to collectively bargain to many in our public workforce. These staff deserve the same rights. It was in this spirit that I committed to support legislation that brings fairness and justice to the workplace, including the people‚Äôs House and the legislature. I am committed to still bringing forward meaningful steps to address staff needs and concerns this session, and also set legislation up for success next year.

“It is a benefit to all when people join together and speak with a more collective voice to have a say about their compensation, and the environment they work in.”