Weekly Roundup: Housing & Orca Emergency Response


Thank you for contacting my office about the bills you are passionate about being considered here in Olympia.

My office receives tens of thousands of constituent contacts during the legislative session. While we read all of your emails, responding to each one individually in a timely manner can be a challenge. We’ve heard your feedback and will continue to send you videos on the issues my office is hearing the most about from constituents in Vancouver.

If you’re on Facebook, please like my official legislative Facebook page to stay up to date on the work I am doing during this legislative session. We’ll be using email and our Facebook page to share videos on issues I’m hearing about from people back home so you know where I stand on issues that are important to you.

Several people have contacted my office voicing support on a package of bills related to helping our Southern Resident Orca thrive in their natural habitat. I hear you loud and clear! I want you to know that I will definitely support these pieces of legislation and I will keep them on my radar as session progresses.

Housing insecurity and homelessness are issues I’ve also heard a lot about from concerned residents like you. This serious problem still prevails in our communities. As a teacher, I have seen just how much this can affect our students and will support legislation that helps solve that problem. I really appreciate your feedback and concerns on this issue.

You can click on the video thumbnails below to view my responses on these topics in a bit more detail. You can also click here and here if you wish to leave a comment on my Facebook page.


Stonier video on housing crisis

stonier video orcas