Halfway done, and here’s what’s next


Dear neighbors, 

The legislative session is roughly halfway done, and here’s a quick update on what’s next:

  • We’ll vote on the House floor on bills that passed committees. 
  • Bills that pass then go to Senate committees, and if they pass, to the Senate floor. 
  • The next major event is when the House and Senate release proposals for the three state budgets: operating, capital, and transportation. 
  • As chair of the House Capital Budget Committee, my focus is on building schools, colleges, housing, parks, and other vital infrastructure. 
  • The final part of session is ironing out any differences between the House and Senate on policy bills and the three budgets. 
  • In every step of this process, the public is welcome to watch, listen, and comment on the bills and budgets. 

I’ll keep you informed about major issues as they happen. And I hope to hear your ideas, comments, and stories! 

Listening to each other with respect 

I appreciate folks who’ve taken the time to drive down to Olympia and meet with me. 


We have a mental health and substance-abuse crisis right now, so it was a pleasure to meet with folks from the nonprofit Washington Recovery Alliance to talk about solutions. 

Constituents from the 24th District spoke with Rep. Mike Chapman and me about Fort Flagler, a local treasure.


Students came to the capitol from the Quileute Tribal School and Taholah School to present their projects as part of the Environmental & Sustainability Literacy Summit. I learned a lot and enjoyed hearing from you! 

Keep in touch 

It’s an honor and a privilege to serve as your representative. 

Please call or write to share your ideas, stories, and comments. I hope to hear from you soon!