Good news on the three state budgets: capital, operating, and transportation

Dear neighbors,

There’s good news for the 24th District—and every corner of our state—as we near the end of the 2024 legislative session.

I’ll explain in this short e-newsletter.

A capital budget that creates a better future

It’s my pleasure to chair the House Capital Budget Committee, which controls the state’s construction budget.

I worked with lawmakers from both parties and every corner of the state to craft this budget, which passed out of committee unanimously.

Our state uses two-year budgets, which means we usually make small changes during short sessions like this year. It might only be $100 million or $200 million in new spending.

This year, the House capital budget is unusually large: 1.3 billion.

Why? Extra funding from capital gains and the Climate Commitment Act.

This is great news for the 24th District, where projects will get built faster than we expected.

It’s wonderful news for folks in hard hats who’ll have years of work at good wages.

And it’s welcome news for communities in the 24th District, and across the state, who’ll benefit from what gets built for generations to come.

When there’s a final compromise budget with the Senate, I’ll send an update with a specific list of projects here in the 24th District.

Budgets that put people first

I spend last Saturday voting on two budgets. The first is the transportation budget, which passed unanimously out of committee and got nearly unanimous support (93-2) on the House floor.

Our communities rely on ferries, so I’m happy to say the House transportation budget includes funding for new ferries and improvements in service.

We also passed the House operating budget, which includes new funding for public schools, natural resources, health care, higher education, and so much more.

What’s next?

From now until the last day of session on March 7, we’ll negotiate differences on legislation passed by the House and Senate along with the three budgets.

When we finish our work, I’ll send more details, with a printed newsletter and more e-mail updates.

There won’t be enough space to write about the thousands of bills that were proposed and voted on. If you have a question about a specific issue or bill, please get in touch with my office and we’ll find out for you!

Please watch your email inbox for news about a telephone town hall meeting after session.

I look forward to being back home in the 24th District and hope to see you soon!