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Thank you for visiting my legislative information center. During the legislative session, I strive to frequently update our neighbors and our communities on the issues that matter most to you and your families. Some of those issues include:

  • Working with business leaders, parents, children advocates, and childcare providers to find solutions to improve accessibility and lower the cost of childcare;
  • Ensuring our military service members, veterans, and their families are treated properly and with the recognition they deserve for their sacrifice;
  • Fighting for a South Sound economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few; and
  • Putting our children first by fully funding K-12 education and looking to the future needs of our students, schools, classrooms, and teachers.

If you need information or have a legislative issue, always feel free to contact me with your requests and concerns and either my legislative assistant, Breann Pugnetti, or I will return your call, email, or letter. This information might be helpful:

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!



Kristine Reeves is a working mom who understands the balance between working hard to succeed and raising a family. That’s why she is a strong advocate for working families, raising the middle class, and providing opportunities for those who sacrifice for their communities.

A Moses Lake native, Kristine received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and went on to pursue a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University in Spokane.

From there, she went on to serve a variety of roles, include Statewide Veterans Constituency Coordinator for U.S. Senator Patty Murray. Her role in Senator Murray’s office included increasing and developing relationships to help improve military transition, workforce development, and veteran healthcare. She also served as the South Sound Regional Director, as well the Kitsap & Olympic Peninsula Director for Senator Murray.

Currently, Kristine is the Director of Economic Development for the Military and Defense sector for the state of Washington. Her role focuses on promoting public and private economic development that supports military bases; defense industry suppliers, contractors and small businesses, as well as working with community advocacy support organizations in their engagement with the U.S. Military in Washington State. That includes helping to secure federal grants to improve private sector job growth, supporting military personnel transitioning to private sector jobs, and supporting small businesses.

Kristine lives with her husband and two children in Federal Way.

Committee Assignments

As your state representative in Olympia, I serve on three standing committees:

Business & Financial Services (Vice Chair)

In this committee, my focus is on protecting consumers. I recently questioned a credit company industry lobbyist about how the industry is providing accountability to consumers. I strongly believe we need to hold companies accountable when their poor security standards result in your private financial information being exposed to criminals and hackers who steal identities.

Capital Budget

This is the committee that writes the construction budget for the state. Billions are spent across Washington to improve local communities, including a $1 billion investment in new school construction in 2018. I’ve worked hard on the Capital Budget Committee to secure millions in South King County, including:

Rep. Reeves visiting Saghalie Middle School last year.

    $23 million to Highline Community College;
    $2.8 million in Federal Way School STEM facilities;
    $750,000 for Weyerhaeuser Campus Land Preservation;
    $250,000 in funding for the Federal Way Safe City Camera replacement project;
    $175,000 for the Federal Way Senior Center;
    $250,000 for the Federal Way Chamber Economic Development Project;
    $1 million for the Performing Arts & Events Center;
    $900,000 for Healthpoint Federal Way dental clinic capacity grants;
    $763,000 for the Auburn Valley YMCA;
    $500,000 to the FUSION Transitional Housing Program;
    $250,000 for Habitat for Humanity Homeless Veterans Housing; and
    $2 million for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program to improve water quality and habitats for at-risk species.

Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs

CDHTA handles issues involving community development projects, housing projects, and tribal affairs, as well as many policies related to military service members and veterans. Several of my bills started in CDHTA, including a new law that creates a new shared leave pool for military service members, veterans, and their spouses who enter state government service but can’t accrue leave during the standard six-month probation period. I also passed a new law originating in CDHTA that clarified the way military leave is deducted from first responders, like firefighters, so that they aren’t double-charged when working a late shift. I’m very proud of the good work we do to serve our veterans and military families in this committee.

Housing and homelessness are two major areas we addressed in CDHTA in 2017-2018. The committee moved forward a law to expand a vital source of funding for counties and cities to combat homelessness and required updated plans to address homelessness every five years. Recognizing religious communities have played a strong role in working to address the homelessness crisis across our communities, I was proud to join my colleagues on the committee in supporting legislation that would allow religious organizations better opportunities to build affordable housing on their property. In order to address the homelessness and cost of housing problems in our region, we need to work every possible angle to make sure there’s enough homes for everyone.

I also serve on two other bodies separate from my standing committee assignments:
The Joint Committee for Veterans’ and Military Affairs (co-chair)
and the Child Care Collaborative Task Force, a group created by passage of my bill, HB 2367.


Read my end of session newsletter

In my end of session newsletter, I talk about the work I’ve done to lower property taxes, fund basic education, fight for our military service members and veterans, and improve access and affordability of childcare. Read more by clicking below!

Lowering property taxes, future K-12 work, & addressing consumer protection

Voting for Lower Property Taxes Our communities, your family and our economy deserve better than constant property tax increases. I voted NO to the property tax increase proposed by the Senate Republican’s last year in their education funding plan, because... READ MORE

Discussing childcare with Washington businesses

Discussing Childcare with the Association of Washington Business I had the pleasure of joining a panel at an Association of Washington Business and U.S. Chamber Foundation event titled “The Business Case for Childcare” last week. While the State currently provides... READ MORE

End of session wrap-up & town hall reminder!

Town hall on Tuesday, March 27 & Coffee with Kristine! My favorite part of this job is getting to talk to my neighbors about what matters most to you and your families.  It’s why I am excited we will be... READ MORE

Keeping promises and problem solving

Keeping our promise to kids It should come to you as no surprise that my #1 priority in coming to Olympia was to get our K-12 education system fully-funded so we could meet our court ordered McCleary obligation. I have... READ MORE

Mid-session review: NO on property taxes, YES on health care & child care

Voting NO on property taxes If you’re like my family, property tax bills have started hitting your mailbox and, wow. We’re all seeing an increase in our property tax bill, with Federal Way looking at a nearly 12% jump from... READ MORE

Legislative update: Car tabs, child care, & corporate data breaches

Car tab & Sound Transit legislation moving forward I’ve heard from many of you about the high cost of car tabs and how that affects your budget. I’m continuing my work on a car tab payment plan for those who... READ MORE

Child care costs, capital budget projects, and fair teacher pay

Addressing the high cost of child care Over the interim, I heard from many of you about the high cost of childcare. I fully understand that pain. As a working mom with two pre-kindergarten kids, I fear that monthly childcare... READ MORE

Giving thanks to our military service members and veterans

Thankful for our veterans As Thanksgiving approaches, most of us will be consumed with menu planning, family time, and long afternoons watching football on the couch. My family has those plans too, and I look forward to making time with... READ MORE

Survey reminder, town hall recap, and affordable child care

Making child care affordable for all As a working mom, I know how important it is to have affordable quality child care options that allow me to work a full-time job while not breaking the bank. Right now, that is... READ MORE

Multiple ways to connect with your state representative

Town Hall on October 21 Please mark your calendars for October 21 from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon for a town hall event with myself, Rep. Mike Pellicciotti, and Sen. Mark Miloscia. WHO:Reps. Kristine Reeves, Mike Pellicciotti, Sen. Mark Miloscia... READ MORE

Focusing on what matters in our community

Getting things done requires compromise In wanting to serve as your state representative, I’ve focused on a stronger education system for our kids, building an economy that works for everyone in South King County, and taking care of our service... READ MORE

Update on the education plan, budget, and my vote against property taxes

Education Funding and the Budget When you sent me to Olympia, I’ve knew that my mission was to focus on several areas important to our district: Fully funding education, Taking care of those who have served our country, and Working... READ MORE

7 days before a government shutdown

What a shutdown means to you For months I’ve told you that Democrats and Republicans must come together to negotiate a budget that fully funds K-12 education. That’s why I’m in Olympia. As a working mom, I want the best... READ MORE

An update on education funding and budget negotiations

It’s been over two weeks since Olympia concluded the regular legislative session and began a special session, which was necessary due to the Legislature’s inability to agree on a final operating budget to fully fund education and pay for essential... READ MORE

End of regular session, Sound Transit 3, and Gold Star License Plates

Where we stand on education funding in the budget When I came to Olympia, I made it clear that my top priority is fully funding education. That’s why you sent me here and that’s why I am not leaving until... READ MORE

Legislative update and a new video on education funding

New video: House Democratic Education Funding Proposal As a working mom, I came to Olympia to fully fund education. Two weeks ago, House Democrats proposed a budget that meets the needs of Washington’s 1.1 million schoolchildren. I am proud to... READ MORE

ST3 car tab relief, a budget that fully funds education, and veteran bills in the Senate

Pushing to put real money back in your pockets I have heard from so many of you about Sound Transit and the increase in your car tab taxes.  What became clear very quickly as the public shared their concerns with... READ MORE

Update on the Levy Cliff, College Costs for Gold Star Families, and a Town Hall Recap!

Fulfilling our obligation & promise to our children My first vote in the State House of Representatives was to extend the “levy cliff” and guarantee our schools have the funds they need next year. It was an easy vote—our kids... READ MORE

Legislative update: “Wounded Warrior Shared Leave” and our town hall final reminder!

“Wounded Warrior Shared Leave Act” passes House! As you know, doing right by our uniformed servicemembers and our veterans is one of my top priorities in Olympia. That’s why I’m thrilled to be able to share that the House passed... READ MORE

Join me for a town hall next weekend!

Town Hall Next Weekend Join your 30th District representatives, Rep. Mike Pellicciotti and myself, for our first town hall meeting on Saturday, March 11 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We’ll be speaking with constituents at the Federal Way Senior... READ MORE

We’re keeping our promise to our kids

Dear friends and neighbors, We came to Olympia as new legislators to make sure the State finally met its duty to fully fund basic education. This week we took an important step in achieving that goal. The House of Representatives... READ MORE

Tell me: What are your top priorities for the Legislature?

Dear neighbors, This is a shorter email than I usually send because I am asking YOU to answer just a few short questions. I have a very quick survey on your priorities in the current legislative year. I also recorded... READ MORE

My first bill passes the House and introducing the “Wounded Warrior” Shared Leave Act

Dear neighbors, Another week in Olympia and it’s been full of new experiences. I appeared on a podcast, passed my first bill from the House, and went on official tours in our district as your state representative. My Visit to... READ MORE

Update on rural veterans bill, school “levy cliff” and a telephone town hall!

Dear neighbors, We’ve had another busy week and our first action on the floor of the House. I’ve also introduced several new bills, including one that helps veterans in rural areas access their federally earned benefits, and we have our... READ MORE

Rural Veterans, Paid Family Leave, and School District Funding

Dear neighbors, It’s my first email to you all as an elected representative and I have to say, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I hope to reach out to you every week or so to update you on... READ MORE

Press Releases

Photo Gallery


Making childcare affordable & accessible for middle class families

Rep. Reeves on how expanding access to childcare and making childcare more affordable puts people first and how she’s fighting for working and middle class families.  

Rep. Reeves on the need for affordable, quality childcare

Watch Rep. Reeves testify in front of the House Appropriations Committee on her legislation to create a new task force to explore new options to build a public-private partnership that expands access and affordability of childcare.  

The need for stronger accountability when data is accessed without permission

During the Business and Financial Services hearing on several bills addressing data breaches, Rep. Kristine Reeves discussed the need for stronger accountability when private data is accessed or released without a person’s permission, like the case of the Equifax data... READ MORE

Rep. Kristine Reeves 2018 MLK Jr. Day speech

Rep. Kristine Reeves on the importance of leadership and the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to not stay on the sidelines and to fight for the American Dream.  

Rep. Kristine Reeves on the 2017 House budget proposal to fully fund education

Rep. Kristine Reeves shares a legislative update on the 2017 House Budget proposal to fully fund basic K-12 education.  

Rep. Kristine Reeves on civic engagement and exercising the first amendment in Olympia

In a legislative update, Rep. Kristine Reeves stresses the importance of being engaged in your community and government to make progress.  

Reps. Reeves and Pellicciotti on why they voted to pass the “Levy Cliff” bill

Watch the video below to see Representatives Kristine Reeves and Mike Pellicciotti discuss why they voted to pass the “Levy Cliff” bill. Click this link to read more about the “Levy Cliff” and why it’s important.

Rep. Kristine Reeves on the legacy of Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in 2017, Rep. Kristine Reeves shares her inspiration to aspire to public office and the dream of a better future thanks to Dr. King’s teachings.  


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