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Unanimous vote out of House for Rep. Peterson petroleum storage bill

OLYMPIA – Today the House of Representatives unanimously passed Rep. Strom Peterson’s (D – Edmonds) bill to help provide funds for Washington business owners to replace outdated or leaking petroleum storage tanks.

The bill (HB 2357) will allow the state Petroleum Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA) to provide grants and loans for Washington businesses with underground storage tanks to investigate and potentially replace outdated tanks.

This bill will help ensure that small gas stations and other family-owned businesses that are dealing with leaking underground storage tanks do not go out of business. Upgrading or replacing aging tanks can be too expensive for small businesses.

“There are a lot of leaking underground storage tanks at gas stations across Washington, and all of these pose a threat to drinking water and groundwater for their local communities,” Peterson said. “This bill will allow these gas stations to access needed funds in order to stay in business, keep their communities safe and protect the environment.”

Peterson’s bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.