Washington State House Democrats


Tuesday, October 23


Associated Press
Changes to overtime rules could increase worker eligibility
State cautions on recycling certain plastics as market slims
Supreme Court: Ross can’t be questioned in census suit

Bellingham Herald (subscription required)
Spokane City Council approves restrictions on Border Patrol
Changes to overtime rules could increase worker eligibility

Bothell Reporter
Metro revises timeline for RapidRide bus expansion

Humane Society plans major expansion (Cleveland)

The Daily News
Longview School Board discusses possible upcoming facilities bond

Everett Herald (subscription required)
Another step for health plans that don’t cover pre-existing conditions
Editorial: Trump’s body-slam of First Amendment rights

News Tribune (subscription required)
‘Swarm’ of earthquakes off Vancouver Island a precursor?

New York Times
U.S. Begins First Cyberoperation Against Russia Aimed at Protecting Elections
U.S. Stocks Slide Amid Weak Earnings and Worries Over China

Peninsula Daily News
Jefferson commissioners to send route concerns to State Ferries

Puget Sound Business Journal
Unemployment looks like 2000 again. But wage growth doesn’t.

Seattle Times (subscription required)
Report: U.S. women struggling to catch up with men’s pay, and Washington isn’t doing so well
Tableau pledges to donate $100M to help health, human-rights groups
Seattle City Council to take close look at proposed police-union contract after call to reject it
Seattle City Council scrutinizes mayor’s spending plan for larger-than-expected soda-tax proceeds
7 Washington state ferries are out of service, reducing trips to San Juan Islands
Polluted air, fog are back in Puget Sound, but not for long
FYI Guy: Nearly half of Seattle property crime involves vehicles; see the risk level near you

Spokesman Review
Spokane council approves rules restricting Border Patrol searches at bus station
Ford says Trump tariffs make U.S. steel costliest in the world

Bipartisan Group of Legislators Ask LCB to Keep Pot Candy Legal (Palumbo, Wylie)

Washington Post
Dow drops sharply as two industrial giants warn of trouble
Blue-collar men are riding America’s economic wave. Women? Not so much.
Trump administration considering ‘different concepts’ regarding transgender rights, with some pushing back internally
Retired Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor announces she is withdrawing from public life because of dementia
Column: The caravan is coming! And it’s high time to calm the rising media frenzy.


Thousands in King County sent replacement ballots
New King County park-and-ride shuttles will pick you up at home

Transgender community reacts to Trump proposal to redefine gender
Police officers are on both sides of I-940
Trump’s threat to withdraw from nuclear missile treaty alarms activists

Are you ‘two weeks ready’ for post-earthquake survival? Washington and Oregon say you should be

Notorious ‘malice’ standard for cops heads to voters in Washington state
Explosive Device Mailed To Liberal Philanthropist George Soros’ New York Home
Seattle City Council, mayor at odds over soda tax money

NW Public Radio
To Prevent Devastating Wildfires, Old Adversaries Are Finding Ways To Work Together
Justice Department Expands Assistance To Tribal Police, Calling It ‘Right Thing To Do’

Q13 TV (Fox)
Why are coyote sightings spiking in Tacoma and elsewhere?


State employees’ emails become political battleground
Transgender community reacts to Trump proposal to redefine gender
UW seismologist isn’t worried about latest trio of earthquakes

Bipartisan Group of Legislators Ask LCB to Keep Pot Candy Legal (Wylie, Palumbo)