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Friday, October 26


Associated Press
US stocks slump, erasing gains from a rally a day earlier
Man detained in mail-bomb investigation identified
4 mountains in Washington are ‘very high threat’ volcanoes
Washington Supreme Court upholds most of charter school law
Buckle up: Wall Street volatility is back with a vengeance
Trump says new proposal will lower some US drug prices
State pays $19.3M to settle foster abuse case
U.S. approves first new type of flu drug in 2 decades
More suspicious packages found, targeting Booker, Clapper

Biodiesel Magazine
Driving Decarbonization (Fitzgibbon)

The Daily News
Judge dismisses claims against DNR leader in Millennium suit
With bombs sent to political targets nationally, state officials in Olympia are dealing with their own rash of threats

Everett Herald (subscription required)
Muhlstein: Be civil, panel says, but don’t avoid the hard conversations
LA Times: Supremes may hear 1st abortion-related case with Kavanaugh

New York Times
Man Arrested in Connection With Pipe Bombs Sent to Trump Critics

Puget Sound Business Journal
Trump proposes to lower drug prices by basing them on other countries’ costs
Construction cost increases are expected to cool down as long as the trade war doesn’t heat up
Why has the stock market been dropping? The expansion heads toward a new phase

Seattle Times (subscription required)
NYT: Trump considers closing U.S.-Mexico border to migrants
Seattle negotiating with downtown property owners over $200 million tax for waterfront project
How many homeless people in Seattle are from here?
Washington considers raising 42-year-old standard on who gets overtime pay
Sound Transit will add stairs and stronger escalators to fix UW Station breakdowns
Washington state pays $19 million to settle abuse case that left child paralyzed and blind
Washington volcanoes remain among the most dangerous in the country, new report says
Charter schools can continue to receive state funding, Washington’s Supreme Court rules
Column: Trump’s unprecedented deficits put us into uncharted territory
Editorial: Police reports on assaults at Western State Hospital are in the public interest

Spokesman Review
Washington Supreme Court upholds most of charter school law
Column: Shawn Vestal: Once again, Washington leads the country in regressive taxation
Guest Opinion: Trudi Inslee and Jim Theofelis: Spokane County commits to ending youth homelessness by 2022

Tri-City Herald
Tri-Cities to get $6.5M solar energy project. Workers nationwide will train here

USA Today
Migrant caravan: Trump officials may seal the border, deny asylum applications at Mexico border to block entry
1 man in custody related to the 12 bomb-like packages, Department Of Justice says

Walla Walla Union Bulletin (subscription required)
Editorial: Cities in state unwise to join legal fight to save Seattle’s income tax
Editorial: Whoa! Salary Commission’s increases are outrageous

Washington Post
Man in Florida arrested in connection with mail bombs sent to public figures
U.S. stocks skid deeper on tech sell-off
Trump considering plan to ban entry of migrants at southern border, deny asylum
Marlboro maker Altria to halt sales of flavored e-cigarettes amid concerns about youth-vaping surge
Drop in adult flu vaccinations may be factor in last season’s record-breaking deaths, illnesses
U.S. defense contractors report that business is booming — thanks to new spending, lower taxes
With pot legalized, job openings surge in Canada’s cannabis industry
U.S. economy grew at annual rate of 3.5 percent in 2018’s third quarter
Thousands pour into National Cathedral as Matthew Shepard, a symbol of gay rights, is interred


Olympia power couple’s second home is taxpayer funded
7 Washington ferries out of service, causing disruptions
Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier classified as ‘very high threat’ for eruption
Trolls are helping WSDOT plan for the next big earthquake

State says seven ferries out of service points to need for new vessels

Court strikes down Boise’s anti-homeless camping law; Seattle says no effect on local laws
State’s legal loophole allows DUI drivers to keep reoffending

Washington Supreme Court Rules That Charter Schools Are Constitutional

Woman calls on Gov. Inslee, lawmakers to investigate rape allegation against state senator

NW Public Radio
Washington Supreme Court Upholds Most Of Charter School Law
U.S. Coast Guard Will Help Researchers Track Whales Along The West Coast
Methamphetamine Returns To Roil Rural Towns Again Across The U.S.

Q13 TV (Fox)
Sisters sue Issaquah School District alleging administrators did not protect them from harassment and bullying
New tiny house village opens in south Lake Union neighborhood
Bomb threat which forced evacuation of Pierce County Human Services Building cleared


Seattle caught between tribal rights and protecting its water supply
Misdemeanor arrests decline in Seattle as racial disparities remain

State Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Charter Schools
New Study Shows That Arts Organizations Have a Huge Social Impact on King County