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Senn Invited to Participate in White House Antisemitism Listening Session

OLYMPIA—Representative Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island), Chair of the Jewish Caucus for the Washington State Legislature, was invited to participate in a White House Listening Session on the National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism. Held on April 4th, it was an opportunity to share local solutions and ideas to combat the rise of antisemitism. 

“As Co-president of the National Association of Jewish Legislators, I hear a lot of concerns about the rise in antisemitism across the country and legislators’ ideas and efforts to combat it in their states. I applaud the Biden Administration’s focus on fighting antisemitism and seeking ideas from states and communities across the country on ways to combat it,” Senn shared. 

Senn noted that the Anti-Defamation League-Pacific Northwest (ADL) recorded the most anti-Semitic incidents since the ADL’s inception in 2021—a 36% increase nationally and a 44% increase in Washington State. 

During the White House event, Senn highlighted the budget and policy work in Washington state to address antisemitism. She spoke about the state’s increased investment in Holocaust education, recognizing the importance of educating future generations about this dark chapter in history.  

“Education and empathy are key to preventing hate crimes, discrimination, antisemitism, and repeated atrocities like the Holocaust,” said Senn. “But so is acknowledging and calling out antisemitism when we see and hear it.” 

Senn also discussed HB 1335, a much-needed step toward fighting hatred and harm. The bill prohibits “doxing,” the publication of an individual’s personal identifying information, intending to do them harm. It would also create a civil cause of action for victims who have suffered harm, allowing them to recover damages. This bill is part of a greater effort to combat an increase in hate crimes, threats, and harassment in Washington.  

Senn’s participation in the White House Listening Session underscores the importance of hearing from state and local government elected officials about their suggested ways to combat antisemitism. By investing in education and targeted policies, Washington State is taking important steps toward creating a safer and more inclusive community for all. 

 Tana Senn is a State Representative from the 41st Legislative District, Chair of the Washington State Jewish Legislative Caucus and the co-President of the National Association of Jewish Legislators.