Washington State House Democrats


Senn’s Bill to Expand Electric School Buses, Reduce Environmental Injustice Advances to House Floor 

OLYMPIA—Washington State’s House Appropriations Committee greenlit House Bill 1368, sponsored by Representative Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island), heralding a bold step into an era of environmental justice, a green transportation system and cleaner air for kids and communities. 

The bill, an environmental priority for the House Democratic Caucus, strategically places overburdened communities at the forefront of the zero-emission school bus transition, ensuring they get the earliest benefits of embracing electric buses resulting in cleaner air and smoother, quieter rides. 

“We’re championing environmental justice, as well as the transition to a green school transportation system,” remarked Senn. “While overburdened communities have historically been left behind, we are investing in them first this time!” 

With funds from the Climate Commitment Act, the state grants will cover the cost differential between a fossil fuel bus and zero emission bus, charging infrastructure costs and other related expenses. 

With the Appropriations Committee hurdle cleared, the bill now heads to the House Floor. 

Support for HB 1368 reverberates across sectors, with endorsements from Climate Solutions and the Climate Jobs WA Coalition, school districts across the state, IBEW, Washington Education Association and PTAs, Seattle Aquarium, League of Women Voters, students, and dozens of other stakeholders. 

House Bill 1368 stands as a resolute commitment to environmental stewardship, promising a brighter and healthier future for kids and communities throughout the state. “We want schools, kids and communities to fall in love with electric buses and reap the benefits of cleaner air as soon as possible,” remarked Senn. “Our climate crisis is only getting worse. We must act now.”