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House Passes Bill Simplifying Access to Energy-Efficient Building Upgrades 

OLYMPIA – Washingtonians looking to electrify, decarbonize or improve their home or business’s energy efficiency have a lot of options – federal, state, energy utilities and many cities all offer incentive programs. Learning about and determining eligibility for these programs can be a complex maze, especially for underserved communities and those with limited resources or language or cultural barriers. 

In a move to simplify the process and address the pressing challenge of building decarbonization, the Washington State House of Representatives today passed House Bill 1391. Introduced by Rep. Alex Ramel (D-Bellingham), the legislation creates a Statewide Building Energy Upgrade Navigator Program.  

This program addresses a critical need for centralized information, to simplify access to the existing array of energy upgrade programs for homeowners and small businesses. By streamlining the process, Washington can ensure equitable distribution of the benefits of energy efficiency and electrification upgrades. In reaching all communities across the state, we can improve energy reliability and reduce energy costs for consumers. 

“Fossil fuel use in buildings is a major hurdle in our fight against climate change,” said Rep. Ramel. “But the solutions are here and now: heat pumps, renewable energy, smart appliances, and insulation. It’s time to help Washingtonians leverage these resources and make sure that these resources are available to everyone.” 

House Bill 1391 advances to the Senate for further consideration.  To learn more, click here or on the video below.