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Washington State Legislature Passes Senn Bill to Enhance Adult Family Home Capacity

OLYMPIA – Today, the Washington State Legislature passed a pivotal measure aimed at bolstering access to long-term care housing options for seniors throughout Washington. Championed by Rep. Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island), House Bill 2015 accelerates the process for expanding adult family homes, a cornerstone of Washington’s long-term care infrastructure, from six beds to seven or eight beds. 

The passage of this legislation is an important step toward addressing the pressing need for expanded long-term care capacity in our state. 

“This innovative policy shift prioritizes licensing for existing adult family homes that are poised to accommodate more residents immediately but have been ensnared in red tape. By streamlining the process, we can ensure our aging population has access to safe homes with the necessary services,” said Senn. 

Senn expressed that this bill is a dedicated effort to meet the needs of constituents who have faced extensive delays in securing additional capacity for their adult family homes: “I’ve heard from numerous constituents who have voiced frustration over the bureaucratic hurdles hindering the expansion of their adult family homes. I introduced this bill to prioritize compassion over bureaucracy and ensure that every senior has access to the dignified care they deserve. Together, we can create a system that honors the dedication of caregivers and meets the needs of our aging population with efficiency and humanity.” 

This bill received widespread support, with unanimous passage in the Washington State House and Senate, and praise from advocates. Amina Abdalla, Advocacy Coordinator for the Adult Family Home Council, and Chelene Whiteaker, representing the Washington State Hospital Association, lauded the bill as a step forward in enhancing Washington’s long-term care system. Abdalla emphasized the importance of personalized care settings in adult family homes, praising the bill’s alignment with the expansion needs of such facilities and its potential to streamline regulatory processes. Whiteaker echoed this sentiment, highlighting the bill’s promise in reducing wait times for patients transitioning from hospitals to community-based care settings. Both advocates underscored HB 2015’s capacity to facilitate timely and essential improvements within the state’s healthcare landscape. 

With its successful passage in the Washington State Legislature, the bill is now headed to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. House Bill 2015’s streamlined approach directly responds to the escalating demand for accessible, high-quality long-term care facilities statewide, and its enactment is poised to profoundly impact the availability and caliber of care for Washingtonians in need of long-term services.