Washington State House Democrats


Bronoske bill to help clean up abandoned boats passes Senate.

OLYMPIA – A bill reducing the length of notice private moorage owners must give before they can sell abandoned boats is headed to the governor’s desk. House Bill 1919, sponsored by Rep. Dan Bronoske, D-Lakewood, will help reduce the number of abandoned and derelict vessels in Washington marinas. 

“Abandoned vessels are a major problem in Washington waters. In addition to being an eyesore, they cause environmental and economic problems,” said Bronoske. “This is a small step to help reduce abandoned vessels.” 

House Bill 1919 reduces notice requirements for failure to pay moorage fees from 90 days to 45 days. It also removes a newspaper notice requirement, among other policy adjustments. 

Derelict vessels are a huge problem in Washington waterways. The state has removed over 1,200 since 2002 with more still floating, or sinking, in Puget Sound. Many of these boats reside in Washington marinas and put nearby boats, shellfish growers, and ecosystems at risk if they were to sink or catch fire. Allowing private moorage owners to sell vessels after 45 days helps get these boats out of the water and into the hands of people who will maintain them or strip them. 

The bill unanimously passed both chambers on its way to the governor’s desk.