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Monday, July 8

Why ‘deadbeat dam’ removals are so difficult in WA, PNW Kwoneesum Dam once had a purpose. It created a lake for girls attending a summer camp to swim, canoe and… READ MORE

Friday, July 5

Biden’s undocumented spouses order could ‘change everything’ for some in WA On June 18, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that grants protection to many undocumented spouses of American… READ MORE

Wednesday, July 3

How a rural WA school overcame the pandemic slump During the pandemic, when schools across the country saw academic test scores plummet, scores at Wahitis Elementary improved. While Wahitis saw… READ MORE

Tuesday, July 2

WA program to help first-time homebuyers with history of discrimination Washington is undertaking a novel new attempt to address decades of housing discrimination. The state launched a program Monday offering… READ MORE

Monday, July 1

WA to become third state to punish ‘stealthing.’ Here’s what else will become law on Monday On Monday, Washington will become the third state in the nation to allow punishment… READ MORE