Washington State House Democrats


Tuesday, February 18

Washington House embraces carbon-free state by 2050 Washington House Democrats passed a bill Sunday declaring climate change an “existential threat” and mandating a carbon-neutral state by 2050. Also on Sunday,… READ MORE

Monday, February 17

How can Washington better help young people who are homeless? Listen to their stories Each year, about 1 in 4 young people in Washington state face a housing crisis within… READ MORE

Friday, February 14

Supreme Court upholds billions of dollars in transit funding The state Supreme Court on Thursday upheld vehicle registration tax increases in the Puget Sound area, a decision that preserves billions… READ MORE

Thursday, February 13

Judge rejects most of legal challenge to Eyman’s I-976 A King County Superior Court judge on Wednesday rejected most of a legal challenge to Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976, a measure… READ MORE