Washington State House Democrats


Tuesday, February 11

College grant funding bill signed into law Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday signed the first new law of this year’s legislative session, a measure that changes the structure of a… READ MORE

Monday, February 10

Advisory votes on tax increases under fire | 2020 Legislative Session Advisory votes that give voters a chance to let lawmakers know their opinions on legislation to increase taxes may… READ MORE

Friday, February 7

Media would retain access to employee birth dates under new version of bill Journalists would continue to have access to the birth dates of state and local government employees under… READ MORE

Thursday, February 6

Facial Recognition Moves Into a New Front: Schools Jim Shultz tried everything he could think of to stop facial recognition technology from entering the public schools in Lockport, a small… READ MORE

Wednesday, February 5

Fact-checking President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech once again was chock-full of stretched facts and dubious figures. Many of these… READ MORE