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Fun things you get to do as a legislator

In August I attended a picnic put on by Alpha Supported Living for their residents. They held the picnic at Crossroads Community Park (a fabulous place behind Crossroads mall.) The… READ MORE

Economic and Revenue Forecast

(Originally posted 9/17/09) I serve on the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council for Washington, and today we had our quarterly “Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors” meeting. The state economist makes… READ MORE

Information Services Board

I serve on the Information Services Board, (ISB) a group of high-level state and private sector people who review and approve the state’s investment in information technology. Specific projects that… READ MORE

2009 Session Notes – Tax Policy

(I orginally posted this on a different blog in April 2009. I am consolidating into a single presence and am re-posting here. ) A number of key tax policy bills… READ MORE