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Misc. Budget Notes

I’ve answered a lot of mail on the budget so far. Some items come up over and over again – Adult family homes, family planning funding, Children’s Hospital, and the… READ MORE

Sad duty

This week all six legislators from the 45th and 48th districts sent a formal letter to the chair of the Transportation Commission asking that the NE 116th Street Bridge over… READ MORE

Tax Policy for the Internet Age

Tax downloads? What is he talking about? Let me explain. Today if you buy a copy of “Gladiator” at Barnes and Noble you pay sales tax on it. If you… READ MORE

Hobbesian Choices

The chairs of the House and of the Senate budget committees both introduced their budget proposals this week. The committees will vote on them soon, though none of us can… READ MORE

Updates to Basic Ed Financing

The Senate released their budget yesterday. The House releases its today. I’ll opine later on the differences. Both are mostly no-new-revenue budgets. The Senate packages up closing some tax loopholes…. READ MORE