Washington State House Democrats


Wednesday, February 12

Quote of the Day   “It’s rooted in my religious conviction. I personally believe that all people can contribute good in the world. That [belief] comes from a deep-seated religious… READ MORE

Tuesday, February 11

Quote of the Day    “There are numerous challenges to addressing poverty and inequality in Washington, but ensuring that everyone shares in the prosperity of our recovering economy is a… READ MORE

Monday, February 10

Quote of the Day   “It’s in our DNA.” -Rep. Gael Tarleton on Washington’s history of protecting workers’ rights, Fortune Magazine PRINT     Aberdeen Daily World Grays Harbor could… READ MORE

Friday, February 7

Quote of the Day   “The Reproductive Parity Act protects women’s rights and access at a time when we are revolutionizing health care for all people.” –Rep. Gael Tarleton, Seattle… READ MORE

Thursday, February 6

Quote of the Day   “It’s not enough to speak at a rally or send out a press release in favor of reproductive freedom. Leadership isn’t about doing what is… READ MORE