Washington State House Democrats


Tuesday, January 28

Quote of the Day   “Sen. Hobbs stood up for what he believes in – women’s reproductive health, educational opportunities for all children – and now he no longer serves… READ MORE

Monday, January 27

Quote of the Day   “Right now the workplace is a rat race. It doesn’t give people time off, it doesn’t give people any economic security, and it doesn’t give… READ MORE

Friday, January 24

Quote of the Day   “Economic inequality has been at its starkest in three generations. This promotes the idea that a day’s work should produce a living wage.” -Rep. Jessyn… READ MORE

Thursday, January 23

Quote of the Day “Our state’s public disclosure, campaign transparency and open record laws are crown jewels of good government — driven by the passionate values of the people of… READ MORE

Wednesday, January 22

Quote of the Day  “Every worker needs time to rest to be productive. This is what an innovative economy requires to improve quality of life for everyone.” – Rep. Gael… READ MORE