Washington State House Democrats


House Hot Sheet: Week 1

The House Democratic Caucus Hot Sheet is a weekly list of committee hearings, events, and potential floor action items that might be of interest to the press. House communications staff… READ MORE

Afternoon run list (#2)

LIST #2 Do not concur HB 1499                    Public facilities/recreation ESHB 1504               Impaired driving HB 1170                    Fire service mobilization Insist SSB 5025                  Self-help housing dev./taxes SB 5605                    Marijuana misdemeanors Concur 2SHB… READ MORE

House Hot Sheet Caucus List #2 (Monday, April 15, 2019)

SSB 5380                   Opioid disorder SSB 5597                   Aerial herbicide applications SB 5125                     Businesses & professions SB 5640                     Youth courts SSB 5883                   Farm products/vehicle weight SSB 5163                   Wrongful injury or death ESB… READ MORE

House Hot Sheet Run List #1 (Monday, April 15, 2019)

SB 5310                    OFM/agency names & accounts ESSB 5311                OFM/obsolete provisions E2SSB 5444             Forensic mental health care 2SSB 5577                Orca whales/vessels SSB 5638                  Distributed ledger tech… READ MORE