A new legislative session, and a chance to make progress on tough issues

Dear neighbors, 

I’m back in Olympia as we start work during the short session of the Legislature, which runs for 60 straight days, including weekends. 

We meet in winter because when they wrote our state constitution in 1889, many people couldn’t leave home during planting or harvesting season. That constitution also establishes citizen-lawmakers instead of full-time politicians—and builds in opportunities for the public to comment and participate. 

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on our district survey. I appreciate your stories, ideas, and comments! 

The top issues from the survey were community safety, then housing/homelessness, and transportation infrastructure.  

I know these issues affect all of our communities, here in the district and throughout the great state of Washington. 

And I’m hopeful that we can listen to each other, and work together, to make progress on those tough issues. 

Please use the information from our last e-newsletter about how you can participate in the legislative process.

Budgets turn ideas into reality 

This session, I’ve been selected to serve on the House Appropriations Committee, which writes the state’s operating budget and considers any legislation that spends money. 

I’ll still serve as Vice Chair of the House Capital Budget Committee, charged with writing the state’s construction budget. That builds schools, colleges, parks, and other vital infrastructure. 

Passing legislation is sometimes enough, if we’re talking about reforming a law. But often, it takes funding to get things done. 

I’m excited to serve on Appropriations because it touches every major function of state services—and it gives me a chance to fight for kids and working families. 

Keep in touch 

I’ll keep you updated on issues that affect you, and our neighbors in the 5th LD back home.  

Please reach out to my office with your comments, questions, and ideas. I hope to hear from you soon!