Budgets turn values into reality

Dear friends and neighbors, 

Welcome to the 2024 session of the legislature! 

This session runs for 60 days, and we’ll focus on solving tough problems such as affordable housing and homelessness, education, public safety, mental health, and the economy. 

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on our district survey. I appreciate your stories, ideas, and comments! 

The top issues from the survey were community safety, then housing/homelessness and transportation infrastructure. I know these issues affect all of our families here in the 5th District. I am committed to addressing these pressing challenges, whether it be in my role as a Vice Chair of the Capital Budget, or as a member of the Human Services, Youth, & Early Learning Committee, and Appropriations Committee. 

Maple Hills Elementary visits the capitol!

It was a joy to see students from Maple Hills Elementary when they traveled to visit our state capitol.

Thank you to all the students who asked great questions!

Budgets turn our values into reality 

Big news for me—and for us in the 5th District! 

I’ve been selected to serve on the House Appropriations Committee, which writes the state’s operating budget. 

This means a bigger say for us in the 5th District about how we spend tax dollars.  

I’ll still serve as Vice Chair of the House Capital Budget Committee, charged with writing the state’s construction budget. That budget builds schools, colleges, parks, and other vital infrastructure. 

Passing legislation can be enough if we simply need to reform a law. Yet most of the time, doing something real to fix a major problem requires money. And all bills involving spending go through the Appropriations Committee. 

I’m excited to serve on this committee because it touches every major function of state services—and it gives me even more opportunities to fight for our kids, working families, and our communities. 

Keep in touch 

I’ll keep you posted through e-news and Facebook. 

Please reach out to my office, and my excellent Legislative Assistant Erika Boyd, if you have any questions, ideas, or comments. I hope to hear from you soon!