COVID-19 Resources

This page is dedicated to information about the State’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. It includes resources and updates about Washington’s response to this emergency.

Before the 2020 legislative session ended, the legislature allocated $225 million for COVID-19 response including:

  • $175 million for direct response to the health crisis.
  • $25 million for worker and business protections.
  • $25 million in federal funds to help state agencies, local governments, and tribes respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

These are trying times, and there is clearly much more work to be done on the state and federal level. Though we’re apart for a while, we will get through this together because Washingtonians look out for their neighbors and protect the most vulnerable among us. We are proud of the response of our communities and are proud to represent you in Olympia. We are committed to doing whatever work is necessary to mitigate the damage this crisis has caused, and help our communities, our neighbors, and our economy recover from COVID-19.

I am here to answer your questions about our COVID-19 response, or any other issues you want to discuss. Please reach out to me at and I’ll work on getting you the answers you need.

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COVID-19 Updates

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