Capitol Ideas Podcast: Meet Davina Duerr

Rep. Davina Duerr testifying in committee

Rep. Duerr was interviewed for the Capitol Ideas podcast: Meet Davina Duerr: architect, Bothell city councilmember, and a first-year state representative from Washington’s 1st legislative district. Rep. Davina Duerr was… READ MORE

E-Newsletter Update

Hello, I’ve heard from a lot of folks asking why I’m not sending out emails or newsletters, I wanted to follow up with you all to explain why that is…. READ MORE

House Passes Rep. Duerr’s First Bill

Rep. Duerr on the State House floor

Today the Washington State House of Representatives unanimously passed Rep. Davina Duerr’s first bill, HB 2348. The legislation would streamline reporting for state funding related to housing, and has broad… READ MORE