New laws and budgets that made history

Dear neighbors,  At the start of the 2021 legislative session, we made it a goal to work on four big issues:  COVID-19 response  Economic recovery Equity and police reform  Climate change  That… READ MORE

Statement on violence against Asian Americans 

We don’t yet know all the facts about the latest case, what we do know is that xenophobic violence against Asians and Asian Americans is not new. As we see cases on the rise during the pandemic, we must take action to keep everyone safe… READ MORE

Capitol Ideas Podcast: Meet Davina Duerr

Rep. Davina Duerr testifying in committee

Rep. Duerr was interviewed for the Capitol Ideas podcast: Meet Davina Duerr: architect, Bothell city councilmember, and a first-year state representative from Washington’s 1st legislative district. Rep. Davina Duerr was… READ MORE