Tacoma legislators commend Point Ruston resolution

OLYMPIA – Three Tacoma legislators are commending the resolution of the years-long Point Ruston development dispute following the approval of an interlocal agreement forged between the cities of Tacoma and Ruston.

Tacoma Democrats Sen. Jeannie Darneille, Rep. Laurie Jinkins, and Rep. Jake Fey all supported legislation this year that opened fresh dialogue on the waterfront development.

“After being engaged with all parties on this issue for four years, an agreement that makes legislation unnecessary is good news for the residents of Ruston, Tacoma and Point Ruston,” said Jinkins. “I’m glad the bill helped bring all the parties to the table to ensure the success of this development and the rebirth of our waterfront.”

The delays have stalled not only the revitalization of the superfund site but the competitive, living-wage jobs that will be created by these projects.

“The 27th delegation has long had concerns about the process and progress at Point Ruston, a project critical to the economic security of our region and our future as the best community in the Northwest,” said Darneille. “From the outset we have been focused on expediting the project and the conversation we started this year has exceeded our expectations in achieving that end.”

Senate Bill 6487 and House Bill 2880 each passed out of their respective policy committees on Feb. 1st.

“I’m happy that we could help encourage both cities to put their disagreements aside, compromise and finish a project that’s so important to the waterfront of both towns,” said Fey.

With an agreement between Ruston and Tacoma in hand, there is no longer a need for the bills to move forward in the Legislature.