House Democrats round out leadership team

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

The House Democratic Caucus elected the remaining members of their leadership team today. Adding to the positions previously elected are:

Jim Moeller (Vancouver): Speaker pro tem-designate
Tina Orwall (Des Moines): Deputy Speaker pro tem-designate
Marcie Maxwell (Renton): Deputy Majority Leader for Education and Opportunity
Larry Springer (Kirkland): Deputy Majority Leader for Jobs and Economic Development
Joe Fitzgibbon (Burien): Deputy Majority Whip
Kris Lytton (Anacortes): Deputy Majority Floor Leader

“We have a leadership team that includes Democrats from urban, suburban, and rural Washington,” said House Speaker Frank Chopp. “We’re all in this together, after all, and we want a team that reflects that.”
Members of leadership elected two weeks ago are:

– Frank Chopp (Seattle): House Speaker-designate
– Pat Sullivan (Covington): Majority Leader
– Eric Pettigrew (Seattle): Majority Caucus Chair
– Kevin Van De Wege (Sequim): Majority Whip
– Tami Green (Lakewood): Majority Floor Leader

The Speaker-designate, Speaker pro tem-designate and Deputy Speaker pro-tem designate must be elected by the entire House on the first day of the 2013 session.