Update from the capitol

Making progress on legislation

Five of the bills I introduced this session have passed through the House! These bills include:

HB 1071: This bill is designed to ensure Washington consumers are notified of the use of their data that is collected by companies. It also holds companies responsible for the data they collect, and requires them to report stolen data within an acceptable amount of time.

HB 1302: This bill creates a self-exclusion program for persons with a gambling problem or gambling disorder.

HB 1325: This bill regulates the use of personal delivery devices. These PDDs have the potential to revolutionize the way we deliver products in cities. These small, efficient, rolling robots will reduce vehicular traffic and air pollution by removing the need to deliver by car, and utilizing sidewalks for delivery routes.

HB 1723: This bill establishes the active transportation safety advisory council.

HB 1880: This bill creates a joint legislative task force on problem gambling to get a full understanding of the issue in Washington. By studying the issue of problem gambling, legislators will have the information they need to draft effective legislation.

Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act reform

The American Dream of homeownership can quickly change into a nightmare for those who own mobile homes. It is a misnomer that these homes are “mobile,” moving them is often not an option and when a mobile home park is sold, this literally sells the land out from underneath someone’s home.

Mobile home ownership is one of the most affordable options for low-income families and seniors. But in 2017, mobile home park closures displaced 203 families across the state, and the Department of Commerce estimates there could be another four to five closures in the next year.

It has been over a quarter century since the Legislature has addressed comprehensive reform of the Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act (MHLTA) and it is clear that there are changes needed to stop the rush of displacement that is happening as our region develops. This is why I was proud to support House Bill 1582, which provides more protections to mobile home owners.

The bill requires two-year lease agreements between park and mobile home owners, increases the time a mobile home owner has to vacate a park after they receive a notice of closure and requires that notices of closure be translated into multiple languages.

Climate bills moving forward

Three priority climate bills continue to move forward in the House and Senate. These bills are meaningful actions our state can take to cut greenhouse gas emissions and move toward a clean energy future.

Phasing out ‘super pollutants’ (House Bill 1112)

Hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, are used as commercial and industrial refrigerants and foam-blowing agents. They are also super-polluting greenhouse gases that are thousands of times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide. This bill phases out these harmful gases, for which safe and cost-effective alternatives already exist.

Establishing a clean fuels program (House Bill 1110)

The biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our state is from the transportation sector. A Clean Fuels Program similar to those already successfully underway in California, Oregon, and British Columbia directly addresses that source. It would improve local air quality and provide local economic benefits by increasing demand for biofuels produced in the state.

100% clean electricity (House Bill 1211/Senate Bill 5116)

This bill will help transition our state to a clean energy future by removing carbon emissions from the generation of electricity. It requires utilities to gradually transition away from fossil fuel-generated electricity, setting a preliminary “coal elimination” deadline of 2025, and a final “clean grid” deadline of 2045.

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Thank You

Thank you all for taking to the time to read this week’s newsletter and for taking an interest in our progress in the House of Representatives.  If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns please feel free to contact me with the info below.


Shelley Kloba
Representative, 1st Legislative District
Washington State Legislature