Kloba Bill to Protect Students with Seizure Disorders Passes House

OLYMPIA — Students with seizure disorders deserve to feel safe at school. That safety requires that teachers know what to do if a student experiences a seizure on campus. Currently, there is no set process for ensuring that teachers who have students with seizure disorders know how to respond to a medical event. House Bill 1085, sponsored by Rep. Shelley Kloba (D-Kirkland) fixes that problem by requiring school districts to create Individual Health Plans for students with seizure disorders. Additionally, it requires training for key adults in the school on how to respond to a seizure. HB 1085 passed the House unanimously today.

“All children deserve access to a high-quality education, but it is hard to focus when you are constantly concerned about a medical condition,” said Kloba. “This bill will give children with seizure disorders and their families the peace of mind they need to focus on learning.”

Individual Health Plans (IHP) are already required in schools for students with diabetes and life-threatening allergies. IHPs have proven to be a powerful tool to protect students with health issues and we should make them available for students with seizure disorders. This bill simply extends that protection to students with seizure disorders.

“The Epilepsy Foundation of Washington has been a constant advocate for this policy,” said Kloba. “It is their steadfast commitment that has helped get this lifesaving policy across the line.”

The legislation now heads to the Senate.