Representative Melanie Morgan sitting at her desk on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Representative Melanie Morgan represents the 29th Legislative District, encompassing South and East Tacoma, Parkland, parts of Spanaway and East Lakewood. As an elected leader in her district, Rep. Morgan uses an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens when addressing policies and practices, considering their impact on the entire community.

Rep. Morgan has consistently centered equity and racial justice as the paramount focus throughout her career, drawing on her personal journey and the collective experiences of her community to guide her colleagues in the Legislature. A US Army Veteran, a former school board director from Franklin Pierce Schools, and an active community advocate, she brings a unique blend of perspectives to her leadership.

During her tenure on the school board, Rep. Morgan stood out for her unwavering commitment to challenging her peers and the community to consider the far-reaching implications of policies. Her efforts extended beyond the immediate impact on students, urging thoughtful reflection on how policies resonate with families and the broader community at large.

Having personally experienced homelessness, Rep. Morgan understands firsthand the barriers that people face in meeting basic needs. She is acutely aware that the marginalized are often excluded from the legislative process, which motivated her to run for the state legislature to confront these obstacles.

In the Washington State House of Representatives, Rep. Morgan stands as a strong voice for underrepresented communities and a steadfast advocate for equity in state policies. Notably, she championed the passage of the CROWN (Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Act (HB 2602, 2020), contributing to the national effort to eliminate natural hair-based discrimination in all 50 states. In 2022 and 2023, Rep. Morgan led the Legislature in establishing the Community Reinvestment Account, a budget appropriation of $200 million that addresses the disproportionate impacts of the War on Drugs and societal and institutional racism. The fund supports economic development through homeownership and small business support, civil and criminal legal services, community-based violence prevention and intervention services, and reentry programs for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Rep. Morgan serves on the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, where she passionately advocates for equity and diversity in farming and ranching, promoting the inclusion of people of color throughout the industry, a direct response to the national issue of generations of Black farmers experiencing land loss. Additionally, Rep. Morgan led the charge in establishing a new state paid holiday, Juneteenth (HB 1016, 2021), recognizing the historical significance of emancipation and the lasting impacts of chattel slavery. A holiday that emphasizes the importance of reconciliation and healing within our State.

A housing advocate since 1997, Rep. Morgan demonstrates an unwavering dedication to solving housing challenges through-out Washington State. Her roles as a mortgage banker, a safe housing coordinator, and a commissioner on the board of the Pierce County Housing Authority, underscores her experience in the passage of equitable housing legislation. Additionally, she has served on the board of Community Healthcare, showcasing her comprehensive understanding of community needs. She is also a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate.

Rep. Morgan prioritizes hearing the voices of children and students and welcomes their input to the legislative process. It was the students of Ms. Cole’s fourth grade class at Elmhurst Elementary in the Franklin Pierce School District that came up with the idea of making the Suciasaurus rex the state dinosaur, after they had learned about a fossil found on Sucia Island. The students learned the process of how a bill became a law and brought the idea to Rep. Morgan, who made it a priority and continued to introduce the bill until its passage in 2023.

A graduate of St. Martin’s University, Representative Morgan resides in Spanaway and is proud to bring her extensive personal and professional experience to advocate for the 29th District, striving to ensure that Washington is an anti-racist state and is an equitable and inclusive place to live, work, and raise a family.

Thank you for exploring my website. As a state representative for the 29th Legislative District, it has been a true honor to diligently work to advance the interests of my district and the state. I invite you to take a deeper look into the policies and funding initiatives that I have championed.   Click here to read my legislative newsletter and stay informed about the work we will accomplish together.