WATCH: Click below to watch my video welcoming you to the 2024 Legislative Session.

WATCH: Click below to watch my remarks made during the debate over the passage of my bill to expand the social equity task force.

WATCH: Click below to watch my remarks during the debate over passage of my bill to make Juneteenth a state holiday, which passed with 89 yeas.


WATCH: Click below to see a video on priority legislation I’m working on, including the Equity in Farming Act, a bill establishing Juneteenth as a state paid holiday, and legislation to protect hard-working tenants struggling due to hardships from COVID-19.

WATCH: Click below to watch my testimony on HB 1016, establishing Juneteenth as a legal state holiday



WATCH: My testimony on HB 1067, designating the Suciasaurus Rex the Washington state dinosaur









WATCH: KING 5 story on why the bill to name a state dinosaur is important to our students












WATCH: Bill update on her new leadership role, HB 1783 (State Office of Equity), and HB 2155 (state dinosaur):

Here’s how I’m standing up for the people of the 29th Legislative District and bringing an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens to my legislative work.

WATCH: Rep. Morgan on House passage of her ballot return date bill (HB 1520), and why it will increase access to democracy:

WATCH: On International Women’s Day, Rep. Morgan calls attention to victims of rape all over the world, especially African women in the Congo.

WATCH: Time’s up! “Standing strong with my colleagues Rep. Laurie Jinkins of Tacoma and Rep. Nicole Macri of Seattle to pass legislation like my bill HB 2018, which makes crystal clear that harassment – sexual or otherwise – by a legislator is a violation of the state’s Ethics in Public Service Act”

WATCH: Speaking on the House floor in support of my bill, HB 2018, which makes clear that ANY harassment – sexual or otherwise – is a violation of the Ethics in Public Service Act. EVERY person deserves to feel safe at work, including in our state legislature:

WATCH: Testifying before the House Appropriations Committee on my bill, HB 1892, which would eliminate lunch co-pays for students on reduced fee lunches. This proposal hits very close to home for me, as I raised my children as a single mother on food stamps and often was not able to come up with lunch co-pays for them.  No parent should have to be in that position, and no child should have to skip lunch and go hungry at school:

WATCH: Standing up for tenants who are harmed by our state’s broken eviction system:

WATCH: Testifying before the House Civil Rights & Judiciary committee on February 5th in support of my bill, HB 1694, which would allow tenants to make installment payments for certain deposits, fees and last month’s rent:

WATCH: Speaking on Feb. 1st during the Housing, Community Development and Veterans committee hearing, making sure people remember to refrain from making assumptions, stereotypes, and judgments when talking about people facing homelessness: