LEGISLATIVE NEWS: Orwall gets gavel once more and keeps committee lineup

Rep. Tina Orwall, D-33

OLYMPIA—Earlier this month, Representative Tina Orwall was re-elected as Speaker Pro Tempore-Designate by her caucus for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session.  

“I am full of gratitude to my colleagues for trusting me in this capacity once more, especially since we will be doing the business of the people of Washington from our computers at home due to COVID-19,” said the Des Moines Democrat, who has served as speaker pro tempore or deputy speaker pro tempore since 2009. “The process next session will be new and challenging for everybody, but we’ll get through it, I have no doubt.” 

The Speaker Pro Tempore presides over sessions of the House as needed when the Speaker of the House is unable to do so. 

“The challenges the pandemic has brought have been daunting. People are out of work, friends and families can’t see each other, and marginalized communities are suffering more than ever,” said Orwall who, as active Speaker, will be tasked with keeping the process flowing smoothly when lawmakers are debating proposals on the Floor. “All of us in this chamber, on both sides of the aisle, are concerned with the well-being of our communities. I believe that, as a Legislative body, we will do the necessary collaborative work to help struggling families and small businesses bounce back.” 

As required by House rules, Orwall will be officially confirmed by the full House of Representatives on Monday, January 11, the first day of the 2021 Legislative Session. 

Rep. Tina Orwall will continue serving on the Civil Rights & Judiciary, Finance, and Public Safety committees.