Newsletter: Election Year Restrictions, Podcast and Session Report

Dear friends and neighbors,

Just a quick note to let you know that during election years there are certain restrictions (RCW 42.52 180 & 185) on my communications to ensure state resources are not used for election purposes:

Orwall EYA

These restrictions include a freeze on mass email updates such as this one, as well as to my legislative website and my official Facebook page – meaning no new content can be added beginning May 16, 2022 until after the general election is certified in November.

However, I am still your representative and I am here to help you. Since I am still able to respond to constituent communications, if you have questions or comments about legislative issues or need help connecting to resources, please reach out. You can call my office at 253-656-5265 or send me an email at

Capitol Ideas

Capitol Ideas Podcast

Last month I was asked to participate on the House Democratic Caucus’ Capitol Ideas Podcast and had a great conversation with Dan Frizzell on some of the issues I have worked on over the years.

Click on the image to check it out.

Newsletters, Updates & Videos

As you know, this year’s legislative session adjourned on March 10 and a couple of weeks later Rep. Mia Gregerson and I sent out a joint e-newsletter focused on the budgets and key investments made this year:

Budgets e-news

More recently, I mailed out my 2022 Session Report to thousands of households across the 33rd district. It again touched briefly on the budgets and district projects but focused more on my bills and other important policy work in the committees on which I serve.

Orwall 2022 mailer

As mentioned earlier, this will be my last newsletter for a while and although my website won’t be updated for a few months, it will remain up and these documents, as well as previous e-newsletters and video updates are posted there for easy reference.

Keep in Touch!

Again, if you have questions or concerns on legislative issues, you’re struggling to access resources or you just want to connect, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. Mary, my Legislative Assistant, and I will do our best to help in any way we can.

Thank you and have a great summer!

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