Orcas Issues: Friday Harbor students promote Tardigrade to state legislature

The Friday Harbor High School Eco Club learned about Tardigrades in their AP Environmental Science class, and were so fascinated that they took their interest to Olympia to help give these tiny, but important, creatures more exposure. They supported Representative Alex Ramel, the 40th district’s newly appointed state representative and the bill’s lead sponsor, and testified in front of the House Committee on State Government and Tribal Relations to make the tardigrade the Washington State micro-animal. The bill, HB 2747, has now passed out of the Executive Committee and is on its way to the house floor for a vote before going to the senate.

“One of the coolest things about this job is when young people come to the capital to talk with us, their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious,” said Representative Alex Ramel from Washington’s 40th district.

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