Rent Stabilization – The Plan For 2024

Dear neighbors,

Sky rocketing rents have a devastating effect on communities. I talk to so many renters who are drowning in rising costs, barely keeping their heads above water.

Last year, we fought to pass House Bill 1389, but our progress stalled after passing the House Housing and Appropriations committee.

This year, my colleague Rep. Alvarado is spearheading our rent stabilization effort through House Bill 2114.

That legislation proposes 5% rent caps, predictable 12-month leases, 180-day notices for annual increases, and allows for termination of rental agreements if a proposed increase exceeds 3%. It further provides reasonable exemptions for new construction to make sure we keep building housing.

I’m extremely excited to see support for landlords who want to follow the law in this bill, including a model lease and an online resource center for landlords. This will provide information on existing tenant law, links to local laws and grants. All this means that landlords can implement these renter protections as easily as possible!

Ultimately, I think this bill is a reasonable step to address the biggest cost of living for the half of Washingtonians who rent their homes.

The Impact of Your Stories

You’ve been generous in sharing countless heart-wrenching stories with me about your experiences with rent increases. We’ve heard from people who have had to take second jobs and spend time away from their families. You’ve told us about skipping days of medication.

Senior citizens shared stories of delaying cancer treatment and having to carry balances on credit cards for the first time in their lives – because their Social Security income isn’t keeping up with the increase in the cost of their living expenses.

I’ve shared those stories with my colleagues and in outreach efforts, and your stories resonated with so many people.

In combination with a Senate companion bill, Senate Bill 5961, introduced by Senator Trudeau (D-Tacoma), I believe we have an important opportunity to amplify your stories throughout both chambers.

What Now?

On Jan. 11, HB 2114 received a public hearing in front of a packed room in the House Housing Committee. I encourage you to review Rep. Alvarado’s compelling testimony here. Following its public hearing, it received an executive session on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

During that executive session, HB 2114 passed out of committee with a majority of committee members in support of the bill. The next major step is consideration by the Appropriations Committee.

To help us continue to build momentum, consider sharing your stories and experiences with your legislators.

The next few weeks of session are going to go by quickly. With the coalition of support we’ve built with renters, veterans, seniors, low-income families, overburdened communities, small landlords, and my colleagues, I am hopeful we will get across the finish line!

In service,

Rep. Alex Ramel

WA State Representative | 40th Legislative District
House Majority Whip
Pronouns: he/him/his