Governor Inslee names Leo Finnegan Washingtonian of the Day!

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, Governor Jay Inslee signed House Bill 1265, surrounded by Reps. Lisa Callan and Bill Ramos, as well as Sen. Mark Mullet, advocates, and supporters. The measure, sponsored by Ramos, a Democrat from Issaquah, establishes a property tax exemption for adult family homes that serve people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and are owned by a nonprofit.

After the bill signing ceremony, the Governor named Leo Finnegan Washingtonian of the Day for his dedicated work providing housing solutions for people whose disabilities make life challenging.

Years ago, when Leo’s son needed special care and a place to live, he and his late wife, Rose, created a non-profit organization and named it Life Enrichment Options. So far, he has built five houses, all in the 5th Legislative District, that are serving and caring for 28 people who can call their LEO house home for the rest of their lives.