Senate Passes Ramos Bill on Illegal Dumping

OLYMPIA – Illegal dumping effects numerous communities across our state and can even lead to road closures as seen in the West Plains of Spokane. Rep. Bill Ramos’ (D-Issaquah) Substitute House Bill 2207 seeks to reduce illegal dumping and safeguard Washington’s natural beauty.

Under the legislation, certain dumping violations will be reclassified as natural resource infractions, streamlining the process, and allowing for quicker penalties. Volume-based litter fines remain to reflect the offense’s environmental impact.

Half of litter cleanup restitution will fund targeted waste disposal campaigns, particularly in dump-prone low-income areas, offering free disposal options to discourage illegal dumping. Public participation grants will be funded to support local initiatives tackling dumping in underserved rural and forested areas.

“This bill takes a strategic approach to protecting our environment,” said Rep. Ramos. “By strengthening enforcement, reinvesting in prevention, and empowering local solutions, we can ensure a cleaner, healthier Washington for all.”

House Bill 2207 passed the Senate with unanimous support today. The bill now heads to the Governor for his signature and enactment.