Newsletter: Session Report & Election Year Activity

Friends and neighbors,

The 5th District Session Report was mailed a couple of days ago and should be reaching your physical mailboxes this week. If you haven’t received it, or you’d rather read it online, please click here or on the image below. Earlier this month, we also sent out an e-newsletter focused on the three state budgets, click here to read it.

A note on Election Year Activity

In election years, there are specific guidelines on legislators’ public communications to ensure that state resources aren’t used for campaign purposes. Commonly referred to as EYA restrictions, they include suspending newsletters, both electronic and mailers, freezing our websites, and halting all official social media activity.

So, from May 6 until the general elections are certified in the Fall, there will be no legislative updates from me, and no new content will be uploaded to my online platforms.

You are welcome to read my previous newsletters and watch video updates on my website, since all of that information is already public. Click here or on the image below for a short video on EYA:

It’s important to note that these restrictions will not keep me from continuing to serve as your state representative year-round. I am able to respond to calls and emails, so don’t hesitate to contact my office if you have questions about any legislative issue, if you have feedback, or just to say hello. I want to hear from you!

As always, I deeply appreciate your taking the time to read my legislative updates.

Until next time,