Policy Priorities

Welcome to Rep. Kristine Reeves’ Legislative Priorities Portal!

This page is intended to help keep track of the work that Rep. Reeves is doing on behalf of you, your family and our neighbors in the 30th Legislative District.

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For the 2019-2020 legislative term, Rep. Reeves has identified three policy agenda areas and will use this site to keep you updated on the progress of these efforts.

These agendas are representative of work that Rep. Reeves is the primary sponsor of, however, does not represent the full list of legislation or efforts that Rep. Reeves is doing on your behalf.

If for some reason, you see priorities missing and would like to discuss efforts or work you would like to see added, please contact Rep. Reeves’ directly at 360-786-7830 or Kristine.Reeves@leg.wa.gov.