Stay safe out there

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Dear friends and neighbors,

Floodwaters are cresting but conditions will remain challenging for a few days. Please do not drive through standing water or ignore road closed signs. Yesterday there were over 500 water rescues in Sumas, many of them road related. This ties up resources and makes everyone in our community less safe.

Both Governor Inslee and County Executive Satpal Sidhu have issued disaster declarations. We have been on the phone with their offices and local elected officials to make sure that relief can get to everyone as quickly as possible. We are supporting our emergency responders and are already working to secure resources from all levels of government, especially for repairing, rebuilding and preventing future disasters. Make sure to document any damage, record actions you’ve taken, and save your receipts for expenses because that information may help you apply for local, state and federal disaster aid.

In the meantime, please continue to follow this guidance from our Whatcom County Public Works and our first responders:

  • Call 911 for flood-related emergencies. Do not call 911 for non-emergencies.
  • To report non-emergency flood impacts please leave a message at (360) 788-5311.
  • To report non-emergency road impacts, call (360) 778-6400.
  • County roads closed due to storm flooding are being posted at this link.
  • DO NOT ignore road closure signs. Drivers have continued to ignore road-closed signs, cars have been stranded/stuck in floodwaters, and drivers have required rescue. This stretches the capacity of our first responders at a critical time.
  • Public Works crews worked through the night to respond to flooded roads and must prioritize life and safety issues, including road closures.
  • State highway roads and impacts are posted at this link.
  • Anyone living in known flood areas or low-lying areas should be prepared to shelter in place unless there is a life safety issue. Be prepared to evacuate if necessary.
  • Sand and sandbags are available at local fire stations and from local hardware stores.
  • View the list of fire station sandbag locations.
  • A limited amount of sandbags and sand are available at the Whatcom County Public Works (WCPW) maintenance shop, view a map of how to get to the maintenance shop, call the WCPW maintenance shop at (360) 778-6400.
  • Stay off roadways and stay home if you can.

Our hearts are heavy today, especially for the family members who are still trying to locate their loved ones. Heavy for the hundreds of Whatcom County residents that were forced to leave their homes as water seeped through the doors and for those who may have to leave today.

We know there is more work to be done. Once everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, we’ll be asking for ways we can better be prepared next time. Our county has risen to challenges before and we will do it again. For our families, our community and our home.

Stay safe,


Alicia and Sharon