Coffee chats next week!


I hope you all have been enjoying the beginnings of spring! Personally, it’s been a joy to see our communities beginning to bloom again with the flowers. Now, I’m excited to share all the incredible work we accomplished together in Olympia this year. That’s why I’m hosting four coffee chats next Saturday! I’ll be going from town to town in our lovely county throughout the day, so please join me to talk about what’s most important to you.


Election Year Restrictions

I want to let you know that this is the last e-newsletter you will receive from me until after the November election is certified. That’s because during an election year, there are certain restrictions to prevent the use of state resources for election purposes. Among those restrictions are a freeze on legislators’ websites and on mass communications, such as e-newsletters. These are small, but important steps we take to make sure our elections are free and fair.

Keep in Touch

While I won’t be able to reach out to you over the next few months, I don’t want to stop hearing from you. I’m still your state representative and my office will still be working. We will continue answering your questions, providing you with information and helping you out in any way we can when you reach out to us either by phone or email. So don’t be a stranger and let me know how you’re doing. And see you next Saturday!

Best wishes,