Town Hall Invite, Permanent Cosmetics, & Catalytic Converters Protection!

Dear friends and neighbors,  

We’re voting on House bills all day (and sometimes all night) this week on the House floor! Here’s an update on some of my bills, as well as an invite to my virtual town hall!  

You’re Invited to the 32nd LD House Virtual Town Hall  

I’m hosting a Virtual Town Hall along with Rep. Davis and we want to hear from you!  

It’s happening on Wednesday, February 14th at 6:30 PM. You’re welcome to take this survey to ask questions ahead of time. During the event, tune in live from my Facebook page (you do not need an account to watch!) or YoutubeHope to see you soon and learn more about what matters most to you. 


Enhancing Safety and Professionalism in Permanent Cosmetic Procedures 

Currently, a permanent cosmetics technician needs a license to practice, but there is no mandated educational training for this technique. This results in zero required hours of training or apprenticeship before conducting a permanent cosmetic procedure on an individual – which typically includes microblading and permanent ink enhancements for eyebrows, eye liners, lip lines, hair lines and more. 

I’m sponsoring House Bill 2109 which creates new licenses and establishes training standards for permanent cosmetics artists to both protect consumers to prevent potential health risks and complications and to formally recognize the professionalism of this practice with uniformity and training standards in the field, establishing a framework for practitioners to receive recognized experience, education and certification.  

This not only enhances the professionalism of the industry but also protects consumers by providing them with a guarantee of safe and regulated permanent cosmetic procedures. This bill is an important step to make sure everyone getting these treatments is in good hands, promoting public health and safety in our community. 

Curbing Catalytic Converter Theft  

Preventing catalytic converter theft in Washington has been one of my longstanding legislative priorities. House Bill 2153 is a continuation of my work on this issue. To simplify, here’s a breakdown: 

What the Bill Does: 

  • Licensing Changes: Requires a scrap processor or vehicle wrecker license instead of a scrap metal license for transactions involving catalytic converters. 
  • New Crimes: Introduces felony and gross misdemeanor crimes related to trafficking, possessing, selling, or altering catalytic converters. 
  • Recordkeeping Requirements: Sets specific recordkeeping duties for scrap processors and vehicle wreckers in catalytic converter transactions. 

The significance of this bill is its multifaceted approach to addressing the impacts on working families and businesses from the theft of catalytic converters. By implementing stringent measures, the bill seeks to protect vehicle owners from financial losses and inconvenience caused by these thefts. 

Through the establishment of licensing requirements and regulations, it aims to effectively control the buying and selling of catalytic converters, thereby diminishing illegal activities in this trade. The bill also supports law enforcement efforts by providing them with necessary tools and penalties to combat fencing operations and unauthorized transactions related to catalytic converters. Additionally, it prioritizes consumer protection by ensuring transparency in catalytic converter transactions, safeguarding consumers and preventing unauthorized sales. Moreover, the bill sets forth clear standards for recordkeeping by scrap processors and vehicle wreckers, offering valuable assistance to law enforcement agencies in their endeavors to investigate catalytic converter thefts.  

Ultimately, the overarching goal of House Bill 2153 is to foster a safer environment for vehicle owners and effectively regulate the trade of catalytic converters to curb theft and illegal activities. 

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Thank you so much for reading! Please do not hesitate to reach out and connect—I’m here for you!   


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