Tolling, Transportation & Local Projects: An Update From Rep. Senn

A Video Update: Tolling Problems And How We’re Fixing Them
Recently a constituent emailed my office with a specific problem with how the Department of Transportation deals with fines for late toll payments and how drivers can be unfairly charged. Take a look at the video below, or click HERE, to see how we’re fixing the system…and getting you an apology if you’re unfairly charged.

A New Transportation Investment That Reflects Washington Values
The House unveiled its new proposal for a transportation revenue package that will fund much-needed investments in transportation infrastructure—including key projects for the 41st and the entire state. The House transportation package focuses on maintenance and preservation, funds dozens of major projects and ensures that environmental protections, public transportation and Safe Routes to Schools are key components as well.  In particular, fully funding 520 is critical, in order to both complete this important corridor and to ensure no tolling on I-90. Widening 405 from Bellevue to Renton, addressing the 167/405 interchange, and Exit 18 in Issaquah are other noteworthy projects

cars, traffic gridlock, transportation, highwayWhile the House and Senate must now negotiate toward a final package, our team is being led by our very own Rep. Judy Clibborn!

Investing in our transportation infrastructure is critical: we need to get goods and products to market and people to work and back home to the family dinner table.

Here is a link to a quick comparison of the House and Senate versions.
Capital Projects In Our Communities
Before we finish our legislative work, we must also pass a Capital Budget. While nowhere near final, several important projects in our region have been slated to receive funding:

  • Inspiration Playground, Bellevue – The playground has been designed to provide an accessible, inclusive outdoor play environment for children of all abilities, including those with sensory deficits, in downtown Bellevue.
  • Sunset Beach Picnic Area, Lake Sammamish – A complete redevelopment of the 40 year old recreation area at Sunset Beach, this capital project funds three new picnic shelters, two sand volleyball courts, as well as barbeque pits and picnic tables.
  • Confluence Area Park, Issaquah – Upgrades to the parks, located in the center of the city, will include a pedestrian bridge, environmental rehabilitation, new walking pathways, facility renovations, natural play area and playground and more.
  • Calkins Point, Mercer Island – Funds will help restore the shoreline at the north end of the Island, which is eroding by nearly a foot a year from boat traffic and weather.
  • Sunset Neighborhood Park, Renton – A key component to Renton’s Sunset Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, this project provides funds for a new 3.1 acre park which will be the gateway to and a catalyst for redevelopment of the region.

Some Final Thoughts
Transportation is a big issue in our state, but particularly in our communities. As you can see, both the House and Senate have some pretty similar goals, but they’re not all the same. We need to make sure that the final transportation budget reflects the needs of our Eastside communities, the environment and the state. I’ll continue to keep you up to date on how negotiations develop and what the final plan looks like.

Until then, keep writing and emailing your thoughts and opinions. I appreciate all of your input and if you have questions about transportation, the budget, or any bill you’ve heard about, let me know.