Statement from Rep. Tana Senn on Passage of Transportation Package

“Late last night, the Washington State House of Representatives voted on an important transportation revenue package that reflects years of negotiation. A transportation package stalled in the senate two years ago, but tonight we voted for progress. That need for transportation investment, for progress in our state is what drove me to run for public office and why I am here, fighting for the people of Mercer Island, Bellevue, Newcastle, Issaquah, Sammamish, Beaux Arts and Renton.

“The 16-year transportation package is a huge boon for the businesses and families across our district. It will create thousands of jobs, support road repair, improve multi-modal options, increase freight mobility and help families get out of traffic and home to the dinner table.

“Numerous components of the package are centered in our area, including completion of 520, lane expansion on 405, intersection improvements at 167 and 509, transit and bike/pedestrian projects, and funding options for Sound Transit 3.

“With the gas tax increase and full funding of 520, tolls on I-90 are no longer under consideration.

“When discussing this transportation package, one must acknowledge the tremendous and unwavering leadership of our district’s own Rep. Judy Clibborn.”