Protecting our environment, seniors & vulnerable youth

Dear friends and neighbors,

It’s hard to believe we are in the last week of the legislative session! As we near Sine Die, I want to take a moment to thank you for your engagement and advocacy. Your input and feedback have been invaluable in shaping the policies that will impact our communities for years to come.

Here’s an update on some recent legislative developments from the last few weeks:

Next stop for my bills? The Governor’s desk!

I am thrilled to share that my House Bill 1188, providing foster youth access to developmental disability services, has passed unanimously in the House and Senate! Foster youth with developmental disabilities deserve needed services just like other youth, and this bill will make sure that they have the support they need.

In Washington state, over half a million children lack access to licensed childcare, causing financial instability and costing our economy billions of dollars a year. I am excited House Bill 1199, which I sponsored to prevent homeowners’ associations from unreasonably restricting childcare operations, has passed the Senate with a strong bipartisan vote. This bill is a crucial step to ensure home childcare is not unfairly fined or threatened with eviction and that more families have access to childcare options near where they live

Next stop for these bills: the Governor’s desk!

Taking action for safer communities: Gun safety measures

I am thrilled to share with you the amazing progress we have made in the fight for gun responsibility. This has been a long-time passion of mine, having been involved with the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle when there was a hate crime shooting there. As a mother, it pains me deeply to witness the intergenerational anxiety caused by gun violence in schools, and the resulting trauma experienced by our children, families, and communities.

House Bill 1240House Bill 1143, and Senate Bill 5078 are critical steps toward achieving comprehensive gun responsibility. These bills ban assault weapons, mandate firearm safety training and a 10-day waiting period, and ensure that firearm industry members are held accountable for responsible sale, distribution, and marketing of their products. Together, they represent a significant effort towards ensuring the safety of our communities and preventing the devastating impact of gun violence on our families and loved ones.

gun responsibility

Greeting Alliance for Gun Responsibility advocates after they watched the House pass gun responsibility measures off the House floor

Pushing for a greener future: A snapshot of environmental progress

My efforts to transition our school buses to zero-emission vehicles has been successful, even as my House Bill 1368 did not pass! Using Climate Commitment Act dollars, we have secured $15 million in funding in the House budget for this important initiative. There’s an additional $150 million set aside for medium- and heavy-duty trucks to further promote sustainable transportation. Let’s keep moving toward a greener future!

We did make progress with House Bill 1085, which tackles plastic pollution! New construction will require bottle filling stations as part of drinking fountains, prohibit hotels from providing shampoo and similar products in individual plastic containers, and ban the use of new plastic foam over water structures. It’s a big win for our marine wildlife and environment!

Supporting our seniors: Property tax relief

While home values have skyrocketed, retirees’ incomes haven’t. House Bill 1355 provides expanded property tax relief to seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities, taking into account the recent federal social security COLA increase. This bill will help individuals maintain stable housing as well by increasing income tax thresholds and adding a regionalization factor—critical for our more expensive Eastside communities!  

Shelter for trans youth in Washington

At opposite chamber cutoff, we passed Senate Bill 5599, ensuring shelter for youth seeking gender-affirming care and reproductive services in Washington. While other states around the country are passing laws that ban access to abortion and send a chill through the trans community, Washington State is saying we value and celebrate all young people, especially those in the toughest moments of their lives. As I said on the House floor to trans youth across the country: I see you, I affirm you, I hear you, and I love you.


Visits to Olympia

The death of Sam Martinez from hazing at his fraternity was a tragedy. His Bellevue parents Jolayne and Hector Martinez have channeled their pain into significant legislation to reduce hazing! Thank you to my colleague Rep. Mari Leavitt for working so closely with them on House Bill 1002 to protect youth across our state! 


I am thrilled to see the passage of so many bills this session that will improve the lives of Washingtonians and make our communities safer, greener, and more equitable.

As we move forward, I encourage you to stay involved, stay informed, and continue advocating for the issues that matter to you. Stay tuned for information about our upcoming town hall in June — I look forward to seeing you there and working together towards a brighter future for our state.



Senn Sig

Rep. Tana Senn