Gun Destruction, Business Helping with Child Care & Special Guests

Dear friends and neighbors,

Things are moving fast this legislative session as we work on important policy ideas for our communities. But there is always time to meet with constituents! This past week was bustling with visits from various groups, including family physicians and architects, local city council members, kids with Maroon Project and robotics teams, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), business leaders, and more (See more photos below). Thank you for the engaging discussions!

Responsible Gun Legislation: Ensuring Safe Disposal

In response to a compelling investigation revealing the unsettling resale of firearms initially seized by the Washington State Patrol, I introduced House Bill 2021 to break the cycle and ensure our state isn’t in the business of selling guns!

The report highlighted instances where guns were seized by the Washington State Patrol, sold due to the lack of ability to dispose them, and subsequently used once again in criminal activities and suicides.

The bill grants the Washington State Patrol the authority to responsibly destroy guns. It also mandates the disposal of firearms—the whole firearm—from buyback programs, except in specific circumstances.

My message is clear: “We don’t want Washington state to be an arms dealer.”

House Bill 2021 is my effort to protect our neighborhoods from the unintended consequences of reselling weapons once in the hands of law enforcement. The safety of our community comes first.

You can watch my testimony in committee here!


Increasing Access to Childcare for Employees

The childcare crisis calls for all hands on deck. That’s why I introduced House Bill 2322 that requires businesses benefitting from B&O tax breaks to provide or contribute to childcare. This not only directly tackles the immediate childcare needs of working parents, but also helps address the broader workforce shortage.

A thriving economy, a well-supported workforce, and childcare accessibility are interdependent. My bill incentivizes businesses to invest in childcare, ultimately enhancing productivity, providing accessible childcare to working families, and contributing to the long-term vitality of our community.

This bill was heard in the House Finance Committee on January 23. For updates, click here!

Read more in the Washington Observer.


Recognizing Dee Simon, the retiring CEO of the Holocaust Center for Humanity

I was honored to coordinate the recognition of Dee Simon, CEO of the Holocaust Center for Humanity, with the passage of HR 4655, recognizing her incredible contributions to our state. Under her leadership, the Center transformed into a nationally recognized education and advocacy center, training hundreds of teachers about the Holocaust, educating law enforcement and student groups about bias and hate, and so much more. It was all the more meaningful to present the resolution to her in person when she led a group to testify on a bill to expand Holocaust Education in our schools. Thank you for your nearly two decades of leadership, Dee. Enjoy retirement!

dee simon

Reproductive Freedom: Standing Strong Against Restrictions

Time and again, Washington Legislative Republicans have tried to downplay the threat to reproductive rights in our state.

Behind their assurances, however, lies a different story – Washington Republicans have introduced more than 40 bills aimed at restricting abortion and reproductive care rights.

We won’t back down. Democrats are standing strong, blocking these restrictive bills and passing laws to protect those seeking reproductive care, our healthcare providers, and your private healthcare data.

Let’s be clear: we are steadfast in our commitment to defending your reproductive freedom in Washington state. Take a look:

Reproductive Care HDC video

Visits to Olympia: Pine Lake and Sammamish High Robotics Teams!


Special shoutout to the robotics clubs from Pine Lake Middle School and Sammamish High School for their inspiring work in STEM education! Sharing how robotics made you fall in love with school again after the pandemic was particularly inspiring.

Thank you for reading my entire newsletter! There is so much going on, at such a fast pace during this legislative session, that there is so much to share.

Warm regards,

Senn Sig

Rep. Tana Senn