Washington State House Passes Senn Bill to Expand Adult Family Home Capacity 

Olympia, WA Earlier today, the Washington State House of Representatives unanimously passed a crucial piece of legislation aimed at increasing access to long-term care housing options for seniors in communities across Washington. House Bill 2015, spearheaded by Rep. Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island), expedites the process for adult family home expansion—integral to Washington’s long-term care system— from six beds to seven or eight beds. 

This expansion is pivotal in addressing the state’s urgent need for increased long-term care capacity. 

“This concern came to me from a number of constituents who were frustrated with the years-long delays for licensing additional capacity in their adult family homes,” said Senn. “This new policy will allow us to prioritize licensing for existing adult family homes that are prepared now for additional residents but are being held up by red tape. By streamlining the process, we can ensure our aging population has a safe home with appropriate needed services.” 

“House Bill 2015 is a well-timed piece of legislation that recognizes the need for more long-term care beds in our state,” said Amina Abdalla, Advocacy Coordinator for the Adult Family Home Council. “Adult family homes are an intimate, individualized care setting ideal for personal care. This bill smartly aligns homes ready to expand capacity with the required regulatory review in an expedited fashion. This will lead to the development of greater capacity in Washington ‘s nationally recognized long-term care system.” 

House Bill 2015 introduces expedited inspection timeframes for adult family homes wishing to expand their bed capacity, a move that is expected to increase the availability of long-term care options in Washington substantially. The bill stipulates a two-step inspection process, with the first inspection occurring upon application and the second following at least six months later. This streamlined approach is in direct response to the growing demand for accessible and quality long-term care facilities across the state. 

“The Washington State Hospital Association supports HB 2015,” added Chelene Whiteaker, a representative of the Washington State Hospital Association. “We believe it will help patients who need community-based care in adult family homes. The bill will help shorten the wait for adult family homes to expand capacity and in turn, expand community care options for patients who need to discharge from hospitals.”  

The bill’s implementation is expected to have a profound impact on the availability and quality of care for Washingtonians in need of long-term services. 

House Bill 2015 now moves to the Senate for further consideration.