Legislative update on forest fires, tax relief, and environmental restoration work

Dear neighbors, 

This is a quick update on issues that I’m working on during the 2023 session of the Legislature. 

These issues—wildland forest fires, tax relief, and riparian restoration work—are of particular important to the 45th District. 

Wildland forest fires 

The wildfire season in our state is a danger to us all.  

Smoke from these fires lingers for weeks and causes health problems, including asthma. Taxpayers pay the bill for our smoke jumpers and firefighters who bravely fight these fires. And local families face the nightmare of rebuilding after a wildfire claims their home or business. 

That’s why I introduced House Bill 1578, which takes a comprehensive look at wildfires and how we can do a better job of planning, preventing, and responding to such fires.  

Tax relief for small businesses 

Small businesses in Washington state are the lifeblood of our economy, and employ more total workers than the giant corporations that dominate the news. 

I’m working on a number of reforms to help our small businesses survive and thrive. As a small business owner myself, I fully understand the challenges people face and how every storefront is not just a source of jobs for local families, but a vital piece of the fabric of that community. 

We can, and must, do a better job when it comes to tax reform for small businesses.  

The Working Families Tax Credit 

The Working Families Tax Credit is a new program providing payments of up to $1,200 based on income level and the number of qualifying children (if any). This program will help us stimulate local economies, promote racial equity, and provide the financial stability Washington families need right now.  

We’re considering two bills (House Bill 1477 and House Bill 1075) to modify and expand this credit so more individuals can qualify.  

For more information, visit WorkingFamililesCredit.wa.gov. 

Riparian restoration


 Atlantic Salmon

We all want the same things: healthy air and clean air. A healthy ecosystem full of fish, birds, and other native animals.  

Riparian zones are a crucial part of local ecosystems. That’s why I’m working with fellow lawmakers on legislation to protect and restore riparian areas. 

This bill would establish grants for work on critical riparian zones, and while this work is technical, the goals and end results are not: a healthier ecosystem that we can maintain for generations to come. 

Keep in touch 


It’s easier than ever to get informed and involved in your democracy. You no longer have to spend the day driving to Olympia and back—you can research issues, watch debates on the floor, or sign up to testify remotely in committee. 

Please feel free to get in touch (800-562-6000) with your ideas, stories, or comments. I hope to hear from you soon!